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What do you need to know when ultrafine grinding plant is installed?

The ultrafine grinding mill is a mechanical equipment dedicated to stone powder processing plant.
Because the ultrafine grinding machine has a wide range of use, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, small area small, etc., attracts many users to invest in ultrafine powder processing lines.
For users who purchase the device for the first time, there will often be many problems during installation.
Although the manufacturer provides installation services, users understand some of the installation knowledge, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the installation, which is incurred earlier.
The following CLIRIK will share some practical methods when the ultrafine grinding mill plant is installed.

CLIRIK HGM series ultrafine grinding mill plant

CLIRIK HGM series ultrafine grinding mill plant

1. Foundation of ultrafine grinding mill plant

When the device is installed, the foundation is one of the most important things before installation.
Only the foundation is good, it can guarantee that the equipment can work smoothly and safely during work.

foundation of ultra fine grinding mill plant


2. Surface rust in the ultrafine grinding mill plant

After the foundation is good, it is necessary to coat the surface of the abrasive machine, which can effectively avoid rust in operation.

3. Workshop circuit of the ultrafine grinding mill plant

There is no way to work without electricity. The circuit is the core of work, so the circuit must take a good job.

4. Necessary test machine

When all installation is completed, the test machine can be found early, and if there is no problem after the test machine, you can make a grinding operation.

5. Replacement of ultrafine grinding mill wearing parts

The grinding roller and the ultrafine grinding mill ring are the immersive accessories of the ultrafine grinding mill plant, and wear after using a period of time, requiring regular replacement.
So what do you need to pay attention to when the grinding roller is in the disassembly?
First, we have to do it off the front and rear doors of the ultrafine grinding mill and remove the shield on the left and the triangular belt and the right side box.
Then remove the barrel screws of the wear roller and remove the pulley and gears.
When the fixing screw on the ultrafine grinding mill plant grinding roller and the fixed nut on the active bearing frame are removed, the wooden plate of the moving bearing and the length is used, and the lower side of the grinding roller is used, and the slightly smashing roll is taken out, and the quick slow roller bearing is taken separately. frame.
Then remove the four inserts of the ultrafine grinding mill, and lift two grinding rollers from the front and rear doors.

HGM ultrafine grinding mill wearing parts

HGM ultrafine grinding mill wearing parts



Who we are?

Shanghai CLIRIK Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been committed to the field of ultra-fine powder grinding machines for 20 years.
CLIRIK has a first-class manufacturing base with standardized and intelligent production lines.
CLIRIK's professional R&D, sales, installation and after-sales teams have provided door-to-door services to more than 100 countries and regions.

Which models can be selected for processing ultra-fine powder?

HGM ultrafine grinding mill: 74-5 micron(200-2500 mesh); D97=5 micron
YGM Raymond mill: 613-33 micron(30-325 mesh); D90=30 micron
CLUM vertical roller mill: 20-5 micron(600-3000 mesh); D50=2 micron D97=4 micron

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