To Increase Output of Your Grinding Plant, You Should Not Ignore These

In the mineral manufacturing process, it is easy to find that the output of grinding plant will be lower after using two years or more. Once the output decreases, the benefits of the project will also decrease. It is actually an urgent problem to be resolved. Shanghai Clirik Machinery technical personnel have made a survey of the reason on the working site and give you corresponding solutions to deal with them now.

The first reason is the bad grindability of raw materials leads to lower yield of grinding plant. When the raw materials spread unbalanced, it will cause the unbalance in the grinding part, which will cause the vibration of grinding plant. To address this problem, we should change the grindability from the materials.

Secondly, the decreased grinding pressure will lead to lower output of the grinding plant. With the dull flood valve of the hydraulic oil system, the facility will add pressure frequently. In order to reduce the electric current of the main motor, the grinding pressure will get lower when the powder in the machine gets more. Therefore, we can improve the flood valve of the hydraulic oil system.

Thirdly, lack of air in the system will also lead to lower output of grinding plant for the reason that grinding plant recycles and outputs raw materials by airflow. When the air is not enough in the system, the finished powder will still suck in the machine, which will cause over powder phenomenon and then the output will lessen extensively.

If you want to increase your output of your grinding plant, you must pay much attention to these problems and find appropriate solutions to resolve them. Increased output means larger benefits and lower cost to some extent. If you want to know more about the grinding plant or are interested in them please leave your message in our website. Thank you.

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