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Chalk is a mineral rich in calcium carbonate, white in color and soft in texture. The chalk has a wide range of distribution. Chalk can be used to make chalk or paint materials, etc., and it is widely used in rubber, paper, paint, ink and other fields.

Chalk, also known as white clay powder, is a kind of limestone. The main component is calcium carbonate. The hardness of chalk is 3 on the Mohs level. It is white and gray in length and relatively brittle.
After being crushed, chalk is mainly used in the manufacture of building materials, rubber, glass, paint, coatings and other materials. What we commonly use is that chalk is crushed and milled and processed into chalk. The following is an introduction to the commonly used equipment for processing chalk.

The utilization value of chalk powder is very high, and it is a very important process in the processing of chalk materials to use a chalk mill to pulverize it. There are a lot of milling equipment for sale on the market, and the price is also different due to the influence of various factors. So how much is the price of the chalk mill? What factors affect it? Below we will analyze these issues.

Factors influencing the price of chalk mills

The price of the equipment is the result of a variety of factors. Today we will analyze the factors mentioned below.

1. Factory location

The location of chalk mill manufacturers is generally divided into suburbs and urban areas. If you choose a factory in the suburbs, the natural cost will be lower, and the price of the equipment will be lower; the factory located in the urban area will use land. The cost of investment is more, and the price of the equipment will be higher.

2. Raw material cost

In terms of raw material cost, some chalk mill manufacturers have a long-term development and have their own fixed raw material suppliers, so that manufacturers will have less input in this area, and the production cost of equipment will be reduced, and the price will be lower; Some manufacturers have just started to produce this kind of equipment, and the supply of raw materials cannot be guaranteed, and the price of the equipment may be higher.

3. Manufacturer mode

Currently, there are generally two types of chalk mill manufacturers: direct-sale manufacturers and independent manufacturers or independent sellers. Direct-selling manufacturers eliminate the intermediate links of retailers in the process of selling equipment, and the prices of equipment are low, and the benefits are directly transferred to consumers. However, the prices of equipment sold by these manufacturers that produce or sell separately will be affected by the second and third level middlemen, and the price of the equipment will be higher.

4. Production scale

The production scale of chalk mill manufacturers will also affect the price of the equipment. The large-scale production of manufacturers will reduce the cost of equipment production and transportation. The cost of a single product will be reduced, and the price of the equipment will also be reduced. For small-scale manufacturers, the overall comparison and analysis will reveal the cost of a single product. It may be higher, and the price of the equipment will be higher.

5. Equipment model

Depending on the model of the equipment, the size and weight set by the chalk grinding mill manufacturers when producing these equipment will be different, which makes the raw materials used by the manufacturer to produce the equipment different, and the price of the equipment is naturally different.

Chalk crushing equipment

According to the physical and chemical properties of chalk, the equipment for breaking chalk can include:

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is an earlier crushing equipment. After years of research and innovation, its production technology is proficient and its advantages are obvious. Its simple operation, large crushing ratio, less requirements on construction sites, low price and high quality. It is mainly used for primary crushing in chalk processing.

2. Cone crusher

The cone crusher is used for the fine crushing of chalk. The main advantages are that it has a high degree of automation and a self-protection device, so the failure rate is small, the equipment life is long, and the subsequent equipment is also protected.
cone crusher
Cone crusher

3. Sand making machine

It is mainly used for artificial sand making. The crushed products have good grain shape and uniform grain size. It is a common equipment for crushing sand and gravel aggregates such as highways, high-rise buildings, and municipal engineering.

Chalk powder milling equipment


1. Raymond mill

Raymond mill is a commonly used milling equipment with a wide range of applications. The milling equipment produced by our factory has good sealing performance and low dust pollution, and all milling equipment is equipped with dust removal equipment, so the dust emission meets national standards.

2. Superfine pulverizer

As the name suggests, the products produced by the superfine mill are more refined. The general Raymond mill can basically meet the demand. However, if the product accuracy is higher, you can choose the superfine mill.

3. Ball mill

Ball mill is also a kind of grinding equipment, but it is generally used for mineral processing or building materials processing production line. Compared with Raymond mill, its output is large, but it is large in size, covers a large area, and the price is relatively expensive. The particle size of the product is also larger, so it is generally used in production lines that do not require too much particle size.

Chalk powder calcination equipment

Rotary kiln

Rotary kiln is an equipment for calcining raw materials to mature materials. It is widely used in cement plants, commonly known as the heart of cement plants.
rotary kiln
Rotary kiln
The above are the commonly used equipment for chalk crushing and grinding. If you only produce artificial sandstone, you can choose jaw crusher, cone crusher and sand making machine at the same time. If you want to grind, choose jaw crusher, cone crusher and Raymond mill. Or ultra-fine mills. If you want to produce cement, you need equipment such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, ball mills, and rotary kilns. Therefore, we need to choose the appropriate equipment according to the use of our products.

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