Why Do We Choose The Grinding Mill With Large Size

There must be lots of users have this experience. When they choose the grinding mill, sales staff will recommend to select milling equipment with large size. But due to limited investment or just want to buy a cheap mill, sometimes some customers point, they will choose grinding mills with the small sizes which can only meet the production requirements now, so why mill manufacturers recommend choosing the large size grinding mill?

First of all, the diffierent milling machines have diffierent size, so the performance and the capacity will have diffierence. According to material properties, different yield and fineness requirements, users should also have differences requirements in the purchase of grinding mill. If the users only focus on the price and choose a cheap one which have a small size to use in their later process, there must will be lots of problems, seemingly cost-saving decision, finally lead to larger investment.

grinding mill

Secondly, from the long-term expansion or artificial cost, choose a large size grinding mill is more appropriate. Not only because of the large size will not be expensive too much money, but in the efficiency and productivity of the equipment, there will be a greater improvement.

Finally, the powder size is different because of the different size of the milling equipment. If we need smaller fineness of finished products in the actual production, we should not affect the quality of flour because of choosing the cheap milling equipments.

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