The Principle of Ball Mill

Ball mill is a kind of fine grinding equipment, which belongs to super fine grinding equipment. In fine grinding respect, it is used for powder processing of chemical raw material and pigments. In the process of the ball mill, the main course is to turn the material into powder by grinding media. In a variety of effects of grinding medium, Ball Mill can crush the material. This is the principle of the ball mill.
When this ball mill is running, its trajectory has been affected, the main operation is centrifugal model, including the throwing type operation, including the operation of the purge type. The material in such a mill has a relatively small impact, which is widely used in the field of ultrafine grinding. If the mill is dropped, it is suitable to be used in the fine grinding materials, with a relatively high grinding efficiency. If the ball mill has a relatively high speed, especially in the process of centrifugal operation, the general does not produce the effect of this state is very bad.
ball mill

The above is the principle of ball mill. it start to carry out continuous operation, also be able to carry out intermittent operation, in the chemical industry, cement or ceramic intermittent operation is mainly used. If we can understand the principle of the operation of machines, we can feel such a powerful ball mill. No matter when they need, this kind of ball mill is really worthy of investment.

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