Requirements of Processing 2500 Meshes Limestone by Grinding Plant

It is very natural to use grinding plant to process limestone. Some customers inquire that they want to process limestone powder by grinding plant with capacity at 10 tons per day and fineness at 2500 meshes. Shanghai Clirik grinding plant can fully meet the requirements of 2500 meshes of limestone. What are the requirements of processing 2500 mesh limestone?

Firstly, we must adjust the rotary speed. The fineness of grinding plant powder is controlled by the powder concentrator. We will adjust the density according to the requirements before it is in running so that to gain qualified products. While if the finished size in the operation process is deviated, users can adjust the fineness by adjusting powder concentrator.

Secondly, the distance between the ring and roller. The powder production of grinding plant is realized by the crushing between the roller and the ring. The distance between the ring and roller means the fineness. Therefore, we can change the finished size from adjusting the distance between the roller and ring.

Last but not least, the air volume and air speed. The users that use the grinding plant knows that the air volume and speed will directly affect the product fineness. The higher speed and more air volume, the finished size will bigger. Therefore we should appropriately control the air volume and speed.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is specialized in producing grinding plant with good performance. If you are interested in our machine please send me your buying messages in our website. Thank you.

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