Operating Rules of Grinding Plant

As we all know, grinding plant is one of the useful mining equipment in industry. However, what should we pay attention to when we are using the grinding plant? Clirik will share you some tips.

Before the grinding plant is turned on, you should check at first, if all the service doors are closed tightly, and then check the crusher pallet gap is consistent with the feed particle size, adjust the speed of the analysis machine should be similar to the finished product size requirements. Finally, press the boot order.

1. Start bucket elevator.
2. Start the jaw crusher.
3. After the material is putted into the silo, start the analyzer.
4. Start the blower.
5. Start host of calcium carbonate grinding mill, and start the host immediately when the electromagnetic vibration feeder is started.

At this point, the grinding plant is beginning to work.

When the grinding plant is turned down should obey following order: feeder machine---host---fan---analysis machine.

1. Stop feeding on the feeder machine.
2. After stopping the feeder machine, stop the host about one minute later.
3. Stop the blower when the residual powder is cleaned.
4. The final step is close to the analysis machine.

grinding plant
Tip 1: After the hopper transporting material to the silo a certain amount, we need to stop the crusher at first and then stop lift, this point should be changed according the amount of storage material.

Tip 2: the grinding plant is not allowed to refuel at random in when the machine is normal work, to ensure the safety of production, once somewhere on the grinding mill occur the abnormal noise, or a sudden increase in load, the machine should be stopped immediately, and then troubleshooting, to avoid major accident.

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