How much is a small 100-800 mesh grinding mill

High-quality ultra-fine grinding mill can be said to be a relatively tight equipment on the market now. Among them, small mills with a fineness of 100-800 mesh are in great demand. Recently, many customers have asked about its market price. Due to the small 100-800 The eye milling machine is just a general name for a class of equipment. Therefore, to know its accurate quotation, the selection of the appropriate model is an essential required course. We need to analyze these two points in detail.
High-quality ultrafine powder equipment-selection of small 100-800 mesh mill
With the development of science and technology, more and more milling equipment is emerging, so that customers will not know where to start when buying. In order to avoid such problems, the recommended market usage and praise are high here and the output is 100-800 mesh mill, its full name is HGM German version of high-efficiency ultra-fine mill, it can process non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 7%, finished materials The particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted between 80-1250 mesh according to the production situation, so the 100-800 mesh mill mentioned by the customer is completely satisfied.
HGM80 and HGM90 superfine mills are small-scale 100-800 mesh mills with high market share. The input and output and production of the two are as follows:
  HGM80 ultra-fine grinding mill HGM90 ultra-fine grinding mill
Feeding <20mm  <25mm
Processing capacity 1.3-5t / h 2-7t / h
Finished particle size 0.25-0.015mm 0.25-0.015mm
High-quality ultra-fine grinding mill-small 100-800 mesh ultra-fine grinding mill equipment offer
HGM80, HGM90 ultra-fine grinding milling machine is a small-scale milling equipment. Its price will fluctuate between 20,000 and 150,000. The specific price depends on the selected manufacturer and specific model. Because the manufacturers are different, their Marketing methods, equipment performance, and quotations are also different, so for the price of a small 100-800 mesh mill, you can choose a reliable manufacturer and then make an inquiry.

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