Advantages of Coarse Powder Grinding Plant

There are many stone powder making machines can be used in the coarse powder grinding, such as: Raymond roller mill, hammer mill, and so on, all of them can be called coarse powder grinding plant. However, compare other kinds of stone powder grinding mills, what’s advantages does the coarse powder grinding plant has?

Coarse powder grinding plant

1. Coarse powder grinding plant wear material utilization is high, wear uniform, Belay Mon ma life is more than 3 times

2. The use of coarse powder grinding plant could process fine sand, the effect is obvious, high sand content

3.The coarse powder grinding plant is a kind of high efficiency equipment for power plant desulfurization, which can be used to grind CaCO3 powder into fine material less than 1-2mm, and the desulfurization effect is better

4. Coarse powder grinding plant can be used as pure grinding, can improve the efficiency of ball milling of 50%

5. Coarse powder grinding plant to produce the products used in the production of refractory brick, unburned brick, block and other new building materials, the best particle and powder grading

6. Coarse powder grinding plant is mainly used for various grinding brittle materials, hardness less than Mohs hardness of the following 9 non flammable and explosive materials are grinding processing

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