The Market Analysis of vertical high pressure Grinding plant

In recent years, China has been dedicated to the development and utilization of new resources, but the present resource pattern is still dominated by traditional resources. Among the traditional three types of resources, the petroleum and natural gas in our country is relatively deficient, and the coal reserve is very rich so that coal is the most important energy resource in China. In the exploitation and utilization process of coal resources, the demands for large Grinding plant are very strong. In addition, the Grinding plant can also be used in many other industries such as metallurgy, building material, chemistry and mine and the potential of market demands is huge.
The industrial analysts think that the most commonly used machine in the domestic powder Grinding plant industry is vertical Grinding plant which can realize precise grinding and the production capacity is very high, so that it becomes the first choice for the needed companies. However, the high pressure Grinding plant will certainly become the mainstream product among the Grinding plants with its features of energy conservancy and environmental protection and the market prospect of this Grinding plant is bright.
There are mainly two types of high pressure Grinding plant: high pressure suspension grinding plant and high pressure micro powder grinding plant. The former is improved on the basis of traditional Grinding plant. High pressure springs are added to this grinding plant on the condition of ensuring the normal operation of this equipment, thus improving the grinding fineness and the grinding efficiency. In addition, the high pressure suspension Grinding plant has low electricity consumption, small coverage size and less one-time investment, so that it is more and more popular among the customers. The development of high pressure micro powder grinding plant solves the problem of high cost of the airflow grinding plant and it has wider application ranges than the airflow grinding plant. On the same condition, the energy consumption of the high pressure micro powder grinding plant system is only 1/3 of that of the airflow grinding plant, and the price is only 1/8 of that of the airflow grinding plant. Due to the features of energy conservancy, low investment and high yield, the high pressure micro powder grinding plant is also more and more popular.
The recently released The Research Report on the Market Analysis and Investment Value of Chinese Vertical grinding plant during 2011-2016 shows that vertical grinding plant has high requirement for the materials and the operational environment, so that it is not suitable for medium and small-sized companies, and high pressure Grinding plant can just fill this gap.

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